Absinthe Mojito
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About this Cocktail

It's exactly what it says on the can. It may not be clever but damn it tastes good.

  • 25ml of La Fee Parisienne
  • 2 brown sugar cubes
  • 1 lime cut how u like
  • Handful of mint
  • Soda water

Muddle the sugar & lime til sugars dissolved.
Clap your mint to release flavour.
Add soda (most bartenders add this at the end to top up the drink. But if you do this now the effervescence will really carry the mint flavour. Please try for yourself)
Add crashed ice
Add absinthe I know I said 25ml. But if using a 68%+ absinthe you have all the strength you need. Also more will unbalance the flavour, but hey. This is your drink so play around for your preference.
Top with ice and soda if needed.

Your welcome ;-p

  • Peter Bodenheimer
    I suddenly want to go to Jamaica...
  • Damaine Hinds
    Me and the mrs have a deal. She looks after inside the house. I look after outside of the house. It's not a bad deal considering I live in the UK & it's always cold and wet. So 1 day she brings up our deal saying the garden looks awful and the grass is 10ft high. So I built the bar. It may not stop the grass growing, but now she doesn't care!!

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