Ain't Nothin' But The Blues
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About this Cocktail

A @demonbitters unoriginal.

Kentucky bluegrass meets Mexican blue agave. Caramel softening pepper heat with a result that isn't too dissimilar from a rye whiskey. Maybe I've just single handedly solved the worlds rye shortage crisis...

Ain't Nothin' But The Blues is a bar in London's West End. It's a long narrow kind of place with a tiny stage at the far end where bands play awesome blues music. I was introduced to it a lifetime ago by an old friend, Zeno. Your health, Sir.

  • 35ml buffalo trace bourbon
  • 30ml Ocho Reposado (2012 "El Refugio")
  • 15ml dry vermouth
  • 15ml Martini Gran Lusso sweet vermouth
  • Two dashes Aphrodite Bitters

Stir and strain. Express orange zest over.


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