Alex Beggs: Tastes like Fall

Alex Beggs: Tastes like Fall
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About this Cocktail

Adapted it from the Tito’s vodka website, was trying to find something to do with St. George spiced pear liqueur. The recipe is refreshing and cider-y without being hot and stuffed with butter, there are fall spices without actually needing to own spices, and there’s no added sugar syrups so it isn’t straight candy. It’s all in that magic liqueur.

  • 1½ oz. Titos’s vodka
  • 1½ oz. St. George Spiced Pear liqueur
  • ½ oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice

Put it in a cocktail shaker over ice, shake until your hands are cold.
Pour into the fanciest cocktail glasses you own.

Are you a go-getter? Add a slice of pear for garnish.


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