Alien Brain Hemorrhage

Alien Brain Hemorrhage
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About this Cocktail

A friend introduced me to this creepy little shot, perfect for those people who like a bit of gruesome fun :P

  • 3/4 ounce - peach schnapps
  • 1/4 ounce - Irish cream
  • Few drops - blue curacao
  • Few drops - grenadine

Fill one ounce shot glass to 3/4 full of peach schnapps.
Top up with Irish cream, allowing for few drops of the following;
- blue curacao
- grenadine (keep adding until "hemorrhage" occurs and curdled Irish cream releases the "blood" looking blue curaçao and grenadine into the peach schnapps.

  • Francis Brown
    I've seen this recipe before on the web so hopefully I get and answer to my question this time; is peach schnapps crucial to the drink or can I use another flavor? I hate peach.
  • jimmy van bijsterveldt
    u should be able to do it with Vodka as well, otherwise it is necessary or you have to know about an clear drink with an higher density then blue curacao and baileys

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