Bittered Rye Sling
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About this Cocktail

I think this drink may have been made before. Not sure. If anybody else has combined rye, bitters, and sugar, let me know...

  • Rye
  • Christmas & Boker's bitters (both Elmegirab's)
  • Demerara

Pour everything in a glass and stir it. I like to put the bitters and sugar in first with some ice, stir it, then slowly add the spirit with more ice, stirring all the while. But I'm a wiener.

  • Brandon Herring
    I've heard tell of such a drink, yes. Still sounds mighty fine.
  • Ryan Gannon
    Next I'm going to try this combo of gin & dry vermouth I've been thinking about. It may be big.
  • Brandon Herring
    Crazy enough it might just work...
  • Kevin O'Mara
    I think - but I'm not 100% positive - that Don the Beachcomber invented this drink in the 1940s.
  • Peter Bodenheimer
    Now don't go all whack with these crazy ideas like gin and vermouth....we need a little decorum up in this joint!

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