Blood Orange Martini
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About this Cocktail

Though there are many blood orange martini/cocktails out there, I really enjoyed my recipe. I was inspired by a dinner special at the time. I forget exactly what it was but there was some kind of protein with juniper and blood orange involved.

I made my own fresh squeezed blood orange juice cocktail when blood oranges were in season. I highly suggest making your own because when we switched to store bought blood orange juice, it just wasn't the same.

My juice cocktail was simply 2 parts freshly squeezed blood orange juice with 1 part simple syrup.

  • 3oz Blue Coat Gin
  • 1oz blood orange juice cocktail
  • One dash orange bitters
  • One squeeze lemon wedge
  • Flamed orange twist

-Combine gin, blood orange juice, lemon and bitters with ice.
-Shake vigorously.
-Strain into a martini glass.
-Flamed orange twist.

(For a flamed twist, use a thick twist. With the twist in one hand and a lighter or match in the other, squeeze the twist next to the flame over the cocktail. The citrus will create a small burst of fire over your drink. This creates a smokey citrus (and delicious!) over tone.)


Oscar Saint


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