Cappelletti Negroni
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So, I've been buying Cappelletti instead of Campari lately . . . at least here in Virginia it's about $10 or $11 cheaper, (19ish vs 30ish) and it's delicious. In between Campari, Aperol, and Sweet Vermouth, but closer to Campari, it does pretty well subbed 1:1 in recipes calling for Campari, but it's slightly less bitter and vermouthier/wine-ier flavor sometimes throw the balance off a bit - still VERY tasty but not quite right. I'd say it's easier to make a GOOD drink with Cappelleti vs Campari, but also harder to make a GREAT drink. Been messing around with little tweaks to get a bolder more balanced, edgier drink. I replaced some of the vermouth with Fernet, since the Cappelletti already has substantial vermouth character. I'd use a London gin next time, and maybe a Grapefruit twist instead of an orange twist . . . maybe.

  • 1.5oz Plymouth Gin
  • 1.5oz Cappelletti
  • 1.25oz Vermouth Perruchi
  • 0.25oz Fernet Branca
  • Twist of Orange Zest

stir liquid ingredients with ice in appropriate mixing vessel.

Strain into well chilled glass.

Express twist, garnish therewith.


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