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About this Cocktail

An original. Inspiration came from an incredible order at Doc's of their chicken and waffles. The sweet of the maple syrup was balanced by a surprising heat from chili powder. This cocktail replaces the chili with cayenne, and has a great citrus punch preceded by a calming maple sweet rush.

  • 1oz Bourbon (Bulleitt)
  • .66oz Lemon
  • .66oz Aperol
  • .66oz Maple Syrup Syrup (1:1 Maple Syrup/Water)
  • 1 smidgen cayenne pepper

Shake then double strain into a chilled coupe. Lemon twist garnish.

  • Tim S.
    I used Grade B Maple syrup and the Cayenne worked great with it. Thanks for sharing! Great drink.
  • T Read Richards
    Thank you! It's really taken off here in Tulsa!
  • Alex Siegel
    I like it! I went with 1.5 bourbon, and a good dose of cayenne. Will def try again.

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