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About this Cocktail

Persephone was already taken,
so I opted for another figure in the most pomegranate-centric of myths for this gin, cocchi, pomegranate and smokey rye cocktail.
This was a bit of a wild card, last thing sunday night, wanted to do something gin-based that I hadn't done anything like before, stab in the dark and I somehow came up with this, which surprised me when it came out not just okay, but delicious. The copper-fox rye is added for its smokiness more than anything else (google it and check out their aging process) so I think a smoky scotch would be a better substitute than a different rye.

  • 1.5oz gin
  • 0.5oz cocchi americano
  • 0.5oz Copper Fox rye whisky
  • 0.5oz pomegranate juice

Add all ingredients to ice filled mixing vessel, stir and strain into chilled glass.


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