Eeyore's Requiem
Saved by 1 Person
About this Cocktail

Watching the season premier of The Walking Dead and heard it's pretty heavy. So this bitter drink felt right. Really great drink! Feels like the Fernet actually brightens it up.


  • 1.5 oz Campari
  • 1 oz Dolin Blanc
  • .5 oz Ford's Gin
  • .25 oz Cynar
  • .25 oz Gerber Branca
  • 15 drops Orange Bitters

Stir, strain into coupe
Express 3 Orange peels and discard

  • Tim Walker
    I assume by Gerber Branca you mean Fernet. Or is the world in fact ready for baby food based amari? Silly auto correct. I'll take your word on the Fernet actually brightening the drink up a bit- but good to have 3 expressed orange peels pulling in that same direction. Gonna give this one a try tonight!

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