For the Mrs.
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This is a daiquiri variant I made for my lovely wife adding a smidge of some VERY coconutty coconut oil washed vodka (like a week and a half steep - about halfway through I used an ounce of it unfiltered so I topped it off with a bit of Appleton to give it a bit of a rummy edge before continuing the steep). I also used a big expressed pineapple sage garnish to further the piña colada-ish edge.

  • 1.5oz white rum
  • .5oz coconut oil washed vodka
  • 1oz lime juice
  • .5oz Agave nectar
  • 7 drops bittermen's Tiki Bitters
  • Sprig of pineapple sage

Shake the hell out of all ingredients except sage in ice filled shaker. Strain into chilled ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with pineapple sage (express somehow without cracking stem)


Tim Walker

  • Tim Walker
    Looks lovely. That tiki bitters is fun stuff.
  • K. McCloskey
    It's so delightful smelling. I mean to start using it in alot more non-tropical-ish cocktails. Like just a by the book classic old fashioned but with the Tiki Bitters instead of Angostura

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