G 'n' T Daiquiri
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About this Cocktail

I'd had a daiquiri already (with Clement Rhum Agricole; amaaazing), but then fancied a gin & tonic. Some lightening probably struck somewhere and like Jeff Goldblum and that fly the two were melded together, but with significantly less disastrously hanging off the ceiling consequences.

A @demonbitters original.

  • 60ml gin (Greenalls)
  • 20ml lime juice
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • Pinch of citric acid crystals
  • Barspoon of quinine tincture*

Shake hard and strain into coupe. Garnish with ultra thin lime wedge in or on the edge as you fancy. Caribbean meets the Raj.

*quinine tincture: I made mine by crushing up some quinine sulphate tablets my mother was prescribed that she never used and infusing them in Wray & Nephew rum ( for the high ABV). It would probably be much better to obtain some cinchona bark instead...


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