Harry's Bar: Bellini
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About this Cocktail

This sparkling cocktail is so perfect for Livy afternoons in Venice that it is easy to imagine the 15th century doge sipping one on a gondola. But it wasn't until 1948 that Giuseppe Cipriani, of Harry's bar, created this mix of indigenous peaches and Prosecco, naming it for the a pink hue found in a Giovanni Bellini painting. Peaches in season and the afternoons long, it's convenient to dosa crowd with this simple drink. Use white peaches or be prepared to add sweetener to the mix. Resist the tempt Tatian to substitute champagne for Prosecco: it's a flavor clash. Champagne flutes are the most popular vessel, but Harry's serves it's Bellini in a juice glass.

  • 1 Part White Peach Purée
  • 2 Parts Prosecco

Purée white peaches in a blender.
Pour purée into one-third level of preferred glass.
Fill with Prosecco and stir, topping off as you go.


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