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About this Cocktail

Hands up, this is just my version of the Bentons Old Fashioned from the PDT cocktail book. I used locally produced (Scottish) smoked bacon and Bulleit Bourbon for the infusion but the proportions are exactly the same. As were the infusing technique which I will list below.
Perhaps I'm a bit cheeky to rename it but it's so tasty I just had to show it off.

  • 2oz bacon infused bourbon
  • 1/4oz maple syrup
  • 2 dashes of angostura bitters

Stir with cracked ice and strain into a rocks glass over a large piece of ice. Garnish with an orange zest twist.

For the Bacon Bourbon infusion:

Chop 1 1/2 oz of fat from some good smoked bacon.
Melt in a saucepan and mix in a non reactive container with a bottle of good bourbon. Shake well at regular intervals for four hours at room temperature.
Place in freezer for two hours.
Spoon solid fat from surface and strain remaining mixture through an unbleached coffee filter or cheese cloth into a sterile bottle. Make the cocktail described above and wonder why it took you so long to try this.


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