John Chapman Cocktail
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About this Cocktail

A @demonbitters original. John Chapman lived from 1774 to 1845 and was better known as Johnny Appleseed. He spent much of his life traveling around the British colony of the Americas planting apple trees in small protected nurseries. Because the apple trees were grown from seed they tended on the sour side. Not good for eating but great for fermenting and then distilling into applejack, the original US spirit. This cocktail is loosely based on a wet sweet Manhattan structure using some flavours that classically compliment apple. The bitters are critical as the cherry liquor (in a pinch use Heering) and domaine de canton are sweet and need balancing.

  • 2oz applejack
  • 1oz Noilly Prat dry vermouth
  • 1/2oz Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur
  • 1/2oz cherry liquor (a blend of bourbon and Heering used to steep cherries)
  • Generous dash of Bittermens Orchard Street celery shrub

Stir and strain. Add a cherry. I've run out of homemade so am resorting to radioactive bought ones.


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