Kentucky River Cocktail

Kentucky River Cocktail
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About this Cocktail

I first stumbled upon this in an old bar book from the 30's called just cocktails. I noticed a recipe that was essentially just an old fashioned with cacao and peach bitters. I knew I had to balance this out and give it a taste!

  • .2oz (short quarter) Tempus Fugit Cacao
  • 3 dashes fee bros. peach bitters
  • 2.25 oz of Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon
  • 1 Big ice cube
  • 1 orange twist

Build in glass and then lightly stir to temp.
The real art here and why this drink is fun to make is that you have to make minuscule adjustments depending on the bourbon and cacao you use in order to find the perfect balance of sweet, spicy (from the bourbon), and peach... Even the orange twist can get overpowering here so you may hold back slightly on the amount of oils expressed. Have fun with this one and think of all the other subtly old fashioned variations you could make...


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