Lavender Gimlet
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About this Cocktail

Created by Todd Perkins; Greengos, St Thomas, USVI.

  • 2 oz London dry gin
  • 1oz lime juice
  • 1/2oz Lavender simple syrup

For Lavender simple syrup: boil 1/2 cup lavender seeds with 4 cups of water and 1/4-1/2 cup sugar. It should look a little pink and be syrupy. Put in a squeeze bottle and let cool for an hour.

For each martini, use 2 ounces of gin, 1oz fresh squeezed lime juice and one squeeze of the lavender syrup (about 1/2oz.). Shake well serve up with a lime twist.

An alternative to making simple syrup:
Place 1/2 teaspoon of lavender buds in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Crush them with the back of a wooden spoon to help release the flavor. Add 1/2oz of agave syrup and let sit while you juice the limes and measure your gin, at least 5 minutes.
Then fill the cocktail shaker with ice and add the lime juice and gin. Shake until well chilled, about 20 seconds. Using a fine mesh strainer, pour into a coupe glass and garnish with a sprig of lavender if you have it.


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