Marathon Cocktail
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Now here is something I didn't know. Marathon in Greek means Field of fennels. It was presumably then in a field of fennels that the battle of Marathon took place which ultimately led to the naming of the distance running event. So in related news today I attended an absinthe tasting session run by Alan Moss from Artemesia organised by Francis Weier of Distillnation and held at my bar, The Hide, for our staff. Alan (who recently spoke at TOTC on the Savoy cocktail book - 107 absinthe containing cocktails since you ask) talked about the history of absinthe and ran through their three absinthes, La Clandestine, Angelique (my favourite) and Butterfly. So getting home I remembered I still had some homemade fennel shrub in the fridge (fennel seed being one of the three core flavours of absinthe along with Grand Wormwood and Anis seeds). Hence I played around to develop the Marathon cocktail.

  • 50ml gin
  • 2 barspoons La clandestine absinthe (clear absinthe)
  • 10ml lemon juice
  • 15ml fennel shrub

Shake hard for at least 9 seconds (noted Stass!) and strain. Serve with some lemon zest and fennel frond arranged fancy-like.


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