Midnight Stinger
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This drink, created by Sam Ross, was posted on the Campari America instagram today ... But the instructions were vague (at best), and the picture definitely was of some other drink. I'm always up to try a new Fernet cocktail, especially one that uses as much as this. Anyway I perused teh googles and got an idea of how it ought to be done, made one sub (i used rich honey syrup because I had some on hand). It's a goodun.

  • 1oz Bourbon
  • 1oz Fernet Branca
  • .75oz lemon juice
  • .75oz rich honey syrup (original calls for 3/4 of simple)
  • Mint sprig for garnish (I used 2, since our backyrd mint bushes were not treated well by the last couple months blast furnace)

Combine liquid ingredients without ice and mix. Pour into glass filled with crushed (or in this case tiny cube) ice. Garnish with mint.


Tim S.

  • Tim S.
    This is great! Thanks for figuring this one out. Always good to have another Sam Ross cocktail!

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