Obama Bomb
Saved by 3 People
About this Cocktail

Created on Election Night 2012

  • One shot Malort
  • Highball glass of champagne

Drop Malort into champagne
Knock it back
[for those unfamiliar with Malort, it is made from wormwood, tasted like grapefruit, and is the patron alcohol of Chicago]

  • Joey Schoblaska
    Yikes. Reminds me of a Chicago hasher drink called The Final Solution: Malort and Manischewitz.
  • Peter Bodenheimer
    I knew it was only a matter of time before Jepsum's Mallort made its way onto BarNotes.
  • Alexis Finch
    Hehe. Happy to help. I'm miffed that I didn't buy a case before I left Chicago!
  • Peter Bodenheimer
    Also, IMHO it tastes more like paint thinner with a hint of wood glue, but I'm not from the Midwest ;)
  • Alexis Finch
    If you like Malort, be sure to check out The Violet Hour's recreation of it. Lighter, more grapefruit, cleaner burn. In-house only so far.
  • Brandon Herring
    Billy Helmkamp of The Whistler added a nice (depending on your view of) Malort cocktail to BarNotes as well. http://barnotesapp.com/recipes/492.html
  • Nick Heller
    Malort. It's like a unicorn. Except its not majestic or beautiful. Just scary as shit as it pierces your throat.

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