Passé simple
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About this Cocktail

A strong and herbal twist on the "Momisette" or "Momi" – a classic French longdrink. The Chartreuse adds both a bit of colour and a nice long finish. "Momi" is usually served 2:1 with ice water, but I like the full, undiluted flavour assault of anise, almonds and bitter herbs. Do try to use homemade orgeat – it's really easy to make and offers up so many more flavours than its industrial counterpart. If shaken it will also slightly emulsify and create a thin, but pleasant foam on top.

  • 1,5 oz pastis
  • 1 oz orgeat
  • 1/2 oz green Chartreuse

Shake effortlessly with large ice. Strain into a chilled coupette.

  • Zach Lynch
    Where's your Hawthorne from? Looks like a great piece.
  • Nick Falk
    Hey Zack. It's not quite as fancy as it looks – a no name strainer I got from Swedish dealer A bargain at $15.
  • Nick Falk
    Zach, I mean. Sorry about that.
  • Zach Lynch
    Do u speak Swedish lol I can't navigate for shit. Gotta go on my computer and translate
  • Nick Falk
    Ha ha! Yeah, I do. Sorry. I can prob hook you up and snail mail them to you, if you want.
  • Zach Lynch
    I got to google translate the page and it's pretty cool seeing the glass jiggers and such. Really cool site. Nice to see thing other than just cocktail kingdom or umami mart

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