Pear de la Crème
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About this Cocktail

  • 1oz. Pear Vanilla Shrub
  • 2oz. White Rum
  • 3/4oz. Coconut Cream
  • Juice of Half a Lime

For shrub: 1 pear diced, half Vanilla bean 3/4c. Sugar, 3/4c. Apple Cider Vinegar. Let Pears and Vanilla sit in sugar for 4 days. Add vinegar, strain and jar.

Add all ingredients to shaker. Shaker hard, strain and enjoy. Garnish with pear slices. Cheers!

  • Dani DeLuna
    That shrub sounds amazing!
  • M. Hinton
    It smells soooooo good!
  • Dani DeLuna
    making the shrub right now! will let you know how it turns out!
  • M. Hinton
    That was my first time ever making a shrub. I think it needs a little tweaking...more pear. Let me know what you think!

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