Sharply Dressed in Manhattan
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About this Cocktail

A @demonbitters original. I've been playing with citric acid. What do I really like that is also very sweet? Green Chartreuse. Obviously. So I added some citric acid crystals. The result was a very tart liquid, still with the rich mouthfeel and body of the original born of the sugar content, without any lime or lemon flavour notes one would normally associate with the acidity and with the herbal notes if anything stronger without the sweetness to hide behind. Very intense and unusual. To be used sparingly. So I turned to my standard go to drink. A rye Manhattan. A great drink to play with additional liqueur flavours, but you do usually tend to end with a v sweet drink. Here there is the unusual addition of acidity to balance the vermouth creating a fresher drink with a lot of complexity from the herbal nature of the chartreuse and the vermouth. Nicely balanced & an interesting step between the more diluted acid drinks (Margarita, Daiquiri etc) and the stronger stirred drinks (Martini, Manhattan etc). Worthy of further experimentation...

  • 60ml Redemption Rye
  • 15ml Gran Lusso sweet vermouth
  • 10ml citric acid treated green chartreuse
  • A homemade cocktail cherry

Stir and strain.


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