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About this Cocktail

Cold punch concoction. Lemon zest and Bartlett pear, sugar, and lemon juice. Whiskey, cognac and orange liqueur.

  • 10 zested lemons
  • 2 shaved Bartlett pears
  • 10 oz brown sugar
  • Jameson
  • Camus VS
  • Royal Combier
  • Lamarca Prosecco

Zest lemons (remove pith) and pears in punch bowl and add 10 oz brown sugar. Muddle the sugar with the lemons and pears until wet with the oils. Cover the bowl and set a timer for one hour. Then, once done, add 1 quart fresh squeezed lemon juice and fine strain in to serving bowl. If there is some residual sugar that is totally fine.
I added about 20 oz of Jameson, 10 oz of Cognac and 6 oz Royal Combier. Then the punch is complete.

When serving, use regular ice and add a champagne float. Enjoy!


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