The Bancroft
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About this Cocktail

This drink was inspired by my girlfriend's late Grandfather's vintage 1960's bar glasses. He was a dry gin and vermouth drinker, which inspired me to create this fun cocktail. This one is for George Bancroft.

  • 1.5 oz Bluecoat dry gin
  • 1 oz orange peel infused dry vermouth
  • 4 drops 1821 chamomile bitters
  • .25 oz Demerara
  • Flamed lemon peel

I prepared 2 bottles of Dolin dry and emptied them in to a cambro container. I zested 10 oranges and removed the pith from each peel so the flavor would really come through. Cover the container and let it sit overnight. Don't refrigerate! The next day, fine strain the vermouth in to a new bottle and label.


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