The Fur Trapper
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Blackbird Bar 2014. By Gina Butler
Keeping in line with our very successful barrel aged/oak aged cocktail program this is our latest creation. Try Box New Make Rye is a staple in this program. It's essentially white Rittenhouse 100, so compared to other white whiskey this is as bold and delicious as it gets. Losing no character in the aging process but being slightly tamed by its counterparts.

  • 1.5oz Try Box New make Rye whiskey
  • 1oz White Port
  • .5oz Mandarine Napoleon
  • .5oz Brandy
  • We aged this drink in a used bourbon barrel for two months

Stir ingredients with ice, strain into chilled coupe, garnish with orange oil, discard peel.

  • Louis Muscato
    oooohhhhhhhh my
  • Chris Messina
    This sounds amazing.
  • Blackbird Bar
    Thanks guys!
  • Peter Bodenheimer
    Looks like I need to make another trip out to the bay area soon.
  • Blackbird Bar
    Always a good decision Peter
  • T Read Richards
    Gonna be in SFnext week. Definitely have to stop in and partake in some of your aged exploits.
  • Blackbird Bar
    Very cool. Shoot me an email before you come in. I'll get you set up.
  • Avont Grant
    Oh yeah, just got two barrels and gonna try this!!! Thanks
  • Blackbird Bar
    The Trybox white whiskies are great for any barrel aged cocktail base
  • T Read Richards
    Unfortunately didn't make it! Next time I'm in town I will make an appearance.
  • Randy Bertoli
    Went out to blackbird last week, this drink was awesome! (Unrelated but The bartender was also infusing some mezcal with plantains, smelled really good!) great bar great drinks!

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