The Improved Toucan Cocktail
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About this Cocktail

A demonbitters original. The Toucan refers firstly to the look of this cocktail which is very similar to that most lovely of stouts, Guinness. But secondly to the flavour. I haven't tried to replicate the taste. What is the point of that when they do that so well already in Dublin? But I have tried to create a cocktail equivalent which references the flavours of stout. So there is some tart fruit in the sloes, chocolate and coffee (and much more besides) in the bitters, coffee in the, ahem, coffee, liquorice in the Bisleri and a touch of cardamom and anise in my infusion. The Bisleri also adds that all important iron for which stout is famed.

  • 60ml unsweetened sloe-infused bourbon
  • 25ml espresso
  • 10ml Bisleri Ferro-China liqueur
  • 10ml sugar syrup
  • Two dashes Dr Adam Elmogroff's Aphrodite Bitters
  • 5ml cardamom and fennel seed infused vodka

Shake hard (to create the head), strain and quaff. To be sure.


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