The Red Wedding
Saved by 11 People
About this Cocktail

In case you haven't heard, winter is coming. Blackbird unites fan boys and girls from near and far to celebrate the best piece of television and literature to happen possibly ever. We are rolling out a winter menu of epic proportions celebrating Game of Thrones and getting everyone into the spirits for the highly anticipated next season. Come get medieval with us.

By Matt Grippo

  • .5 oz Spring 44 Gin
  • .5 oz Shrub and Co Cranberry Doug Fir shrub
  • .25 simple or a sugar cube
  • Dash of cardamom bitters
  • Too with sparkling wine

So for this drink i wanted to create a perfect starter for the night. Tart, bitter, festive ad fast. All ingredients are kept cold. Build in glass, top with sparkling and serve.


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