The Remedy
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About this Cocktail

A @demonbitters original.

The inspiration here was simply perusing the depths of my liquor collection looking for interesting things that I thought might complement each other (and that might provide some soothing care for my wife's influenza - she came up with the name).

To act as the canvas for these flavours I wanted some strength and some aromatics so went for Navy Strength Plymouth.

The result is a rich, spiced and aromatic sipping cocktail that packs a bit of a punch. Orange, anise, juniper amongst many others.

  • 50ml Navy Strength Plymouth gin
  • 10ml Picon Biere aperitif
  • 10ml Dolin Dry vermouth
  • 10ml Løitens Aquavit Likør
  • Barspoon star anise infused Wray & Nephew overproof rum

Stir together well to get some dilution going, strain and spray an orange zest over.


Elizabeth Marie


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