The World's Best Pimm's Cup

The World's Best Pimm's Cup
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About this Cocktail

I had to make a Pimm's Cup for a dinner club. I had never made one so I did some research. Turns out there are a TON of different ways people make their Pimm's. (side note: Did you know they serve 16,000 Pimm's Cups at Wimbledon a DAY!?) - The main split is between the UK and American version. The UK (originators) use lemonade and Pimm's. The American's use lemonade and Pimm's. Wait, what is the difference? Well, "lemonade" in the UK is like ginger ale. (I know i know, makes no sense at all, but we don't use the metric system so I guess we are even) - For my recipe I took the best of both worlds. I did lemonade (lemon juice + simple syrup) and lemonade (ginger BEER). It really is a simple recipe, and its amazing. A lot of people grab whatever random fruit they can and throw it in the drink. I just stick to what they use at Wimbledon since it is officially the drink of choice there.

  • 2 oz Pimm's No. 01
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1 oz 1:1 simple syrup
  • Gosling's ginger beer
  • 2 strawberries
  • two lemon wheels
  • 2 sprigs of mint
  • thin cucumber slice

Take a collins glass, drop 1 strawberry, lemon wheel and 1 sprig of mint to the bottom. My thought behind this is to make the drink pretty. Its purely a bottom of the glass garnish. Most Pimm's have a ton of fruit in them, which is awesome, just not all the random fruit. Add lemon juice, simple, and Pimm's. Add ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with lemon wheel, half a strawberry, spring of mint and a thin cucumber slice.

  • Tim S.
    Thanks Jamie. This is easily the best Pimm's Cup that I've ever made.
  • Jamie Clayton
    Glad you like it Tim! It's so refreshing. Perfect warm weather drink.
  • Louis Muscato
    just made two. the lady loves it as well! cheers!
  • Jonathan Greber
    making these saturday...

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