Infused Blueberry Bourbon

Infused Blueberry Bourbon
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About this Cocktail

This infusion is just the kick I need towards alcoholism.
(not funny, well kinda.)

  • Large Mason Jar
  • 2x26s of bourbon (we use Buffalo Trace)
  • 1 thumb of grated ginger
  • 2 vanilla beans sliced lengthwise
  • Blueberry loose leaf tea (Currently it's 'Blueberry Jam Tea', it has stevia in it, it's great; David's Tea co.)
  • One bag FROZEN blueberries (KEY)

In a large mason jar, two bottles of Buffalo Trace, a bag of frozen Blueberries, a thumb of grated ginger, two vanilla beans.
Let sit for three days.
Add 4tbs of Blueberry Jam tea (or similar) and let sit for about an hour before straining. Should be very dark purple in colour.

  • Calamity Labs
    I must make this... it is a moral imperitave that I do.

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