Jamaica after the Sunset

Jamaica after the Sunset
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About this Cocktail

Made for an 'Appletons Estate' competition.
I used this comp as a personal challenge to change the public persona of rum. As students/ young folk we drink the cheaper stuff with coke. As we become more civilised we insist on lime. Some even graduate to drinking the more premium neat/lime only. But it's still dominant in the cocktail world in tiki styles or mojito hybrids. I work in 5* and wanted to create a 5* after dinner drink.

  • 50ml appleton estate 8yr old (I chose this over 12 as it still is young enough to stand up to the other ingredients)
  • 17.5ml espresso (strong)
  • 4-6 green cardamom pods
  • 25ml muscavado syrup (2:1)
  • 4 dashes Jerry Thomas old fashioned bitters
  • -------------------Cream float-----------------
  • 25ml frangelico
  • 50ml double cream

Muddle the cardamom
Add the liquid ingredients and shake gently.
(You want to mix the ingredients but not over dilute)

In a separate shaker (I used a mini Manhattan)

Add frangelico and cream add 1ice cube (descent size if not a great cube use 2) and shake hard til ice cube has stopped knocking around (dilution of the ice cube should stop the cream setting solid)

Pour main drink into martini/ coupette
Then using a barspoon layer the cream float on top

Garnish with some dark chocolate flakes


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