Rusty Keys
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About this Cocktail

Friday special at MG Road AVL,NC.

  • 1.5 Jim Beam
  • .75 Drambuie
  • .5 lime juice
  • ginger beer
  • Angostura Aromatic bitters

Combine bourbon, Drambuie, and lime in cocktail shaker.
Pour into Collins glass and top up with ginger beer
4 dashes ango on top for color and delight.

  • Peter Bodenheimer
    Was in AVL about a month ago and really wanted to make it by MG Road. Seemed like a great spot with well thought out cocktails.
  • Pat Hinson
    Next time gadget… next time.
  • Drinking and Thinking ....
    Been playing around with Drambuie last few nights and tried this. Damn tasty - almost a Scottish Mule but bourbon sweetens it a bit. I forgot the bitters at first but added them later and it made all the difference 🤙

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