San Juan Martinez
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About this Cocktail

Ok so there are many variations on what actually makes up a Martinez from the probably historically correct 50:50 blend of Oude Genever with sweet vermouth tweaked with curaçao and bitters to various drier modern interpretations using Genever, London dry or Old Tom. Here I have used Diffordsguide's Martinez #2 which is a modern interpretation along the lines of a Perfect Genever Manhattan with Maraschino in place of Bokers Bitters and a higher spirit ratio. But I want Mezcal, not gin which in my mind is a perfectly acceptable state of affairs. So we go to San Juan via Alipus Mezcal Joven 100% agave.

  • 2oz Mezcal
  • 1/2oz Dolin Blanc dry vermouth
  • 1/2oz Punt è Mes sweet vermouth
  • 1/8oz Maraschino

Stir and strain. Express a lemon zest and drape languidly over the rim.


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