Vodka Gimlet
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About this Cocktail

My take on several variations I've made or been served. Ill attribute it to Brian Smith since he gave some direction to spicing up the basic Gimlet. Friend Scott Holmes enlightened me on the olive option.

  • Four ounces good Vodka, I like Tito's'
  • One ounce Roses Lime juice
  • One quarter fresh squeezed lime
  • A splash of Grand Marnier
  • Optional jalapeño stuffed olive

I keep the Vodka in the freezer to help prevent too much melting of the ice while mixing.
Chill a Martini glass with ice and water.
Add ice and ingredients to a shaker.
I often wipe the inside rim of the glass with a slice of lime just before pouring the shaken strained and chilled mixture.
I like some shards of the cracked ice to filter into the glass.
As a bonus try a jalapeño stuffed olive in the glass. Sounds odd but tastes great when you get down to the olive.


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